Short Story About Our Company

Ammeck94 have products and solutions that caters to demands of advertisers and agencies and our core focus has been branding and rich media. Our solutions include a full-fledged DSP ad serving platform developed in-house which enables advertisers to bid for the right audience at right time with the right ad.
Ammeck94 also have an API which is designed to fulfil the needs of mobile publishers as well as mobile application and game developers.
In addition to all this, Ammeck94 have internal media buying team that works on Performance and Brand advertising and execute all types of campaigns including CPI, CPA, CPC, CPM, CPV and CPL across all countries.

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Utilising cutting edge technology that delivers ground-breaking solutions in a forever complex ecosystem ensuring simplified delivery. Our first party data stored across the entire mobile landscape sets the scene for smart real-time optimisation managed by experts.